Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poker vs Girls, finally

Finally, after 4 rejections and nearly 3 months, we got the 2.0 version update to Poker vs Girls (our iPhone strip poker app) accepted by Apple.

The good news is it is more than what was allowed for version 1.0. The "17+" rating that was added since then does allow more, but still nothing you couldn't see at a PG-13 movie.

Two of these images got rejected (one when Apple called us and talked on the phone about what was OK and not OK), and the other three were accepted. Can you tell which?

It's the two on the right that were rejected. According to the phone call from Apple, it is not acceptable to have hands, fingers, or anything touching the model's lips or mouth. And they can't be actively taking off underwear even though having it already off and covering themselves is OK.

Now we've got to go back to the difficult job of looking through photos to add the next set of girls. (Don't forget we are equal opportunity, we also have Poker vs Guys. Strangely, it doesn't sell nearly as well.)

{UPDATE: And just like that, it's gone. The good news is many of them went on to graduate school... Get It Here}