Monday, December 19, 2011

7.85" - Doing the Math

The iPad has bigger pixels than the iPhone.  Ignoring the 2x retina size, it is 163/inch on the iPhone vs 132 on the iPad.  The iPhone has pixels 81% the size as pixels on the iPad.

All the buttons, controls, and lists are the same size in pixels on the two devices, so on the iPad they are a little bigger. What if they sized down the iPad to the same pixels per inch as the iPhone.  Still a totally usable size as we prove every day by using iPhones (no finger-sanding required!)

Multiplying by 0.81, the rectangular screen dimensions on the iPad change from 7.76" x 5.82" to a smaller size of 6.28" x 4.71".

It's interesting that when you throw those numbers into the good old Pythagorean Theorem, you get a diagonal size of 7.85".  Exactly the size it's been reported that Apple has been buying.  It's possible the sources of the report can do math too, but if it is true about Apple buying screens that size, it exactly fits a smaller iPad with a pixel DPI that matches the iPhone.

Our Best Work

Vladimir Kush is my favorite artist, I've been a fan and collected his art for over 10 years.  Our house is like a mini gallery :)

I'd seen him at gallery shows and things over the years, and I've got a tattoo inspired by one of his pieces.

Nearly a year and a half ago, I heard he was going to be making a children's book.  I got in contact, wondering about converting it into an iPad app.  Vladimir had the idea to just skip making a book and go straight for an app!

We met and I showed a very rough demo app in September 2010, that sold the idea and direction for flowing painting for the app.  It took a lot of work since then to make it really work fast and smooth, but that first demo got the ball rolling.

After a very long time, him painting, us programming, it's in the App Store.  I think it's the most beautiful, amazing work we've done (and we've done a lot over the years).  We'd always worked with the thought, "Vladimir's art is going to be in museums some day, so this has to be that good too."
Aries the Sheep in the App Store

Vladimir Kush on the iPadVladimir Kush on the iPad