Monday, February 18, 2013

Apple is winning in accessories

On vacation recently, I looked in various gift shops and stores over the course of the trip.

You can find cases for iPhone 4s and 5s everywhere--from individuals selling ones with their own artwork on it at a craft fair, to expensive carved wood cases at fancy art stores.  Nearly every store that sold souvenirs sold iPhone cases.

But I didn't see a single case for any other type of cell phone.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Messing with heads

We're working on an follow on to our Heads Up: Hold'em game, adding a Omaha version.

We're changing a few of the interface things, adding status bars at the top and bottom to have better places for information.  Omaha is much more confusing so we need places to say what your current hand is.

It had just a regular spinner for when the AI opponent is thinking.  Shawn wondered about something cooler or different that fit the new UI.  We ended up using the little glowing lights Pete had done for the WiFi Disk update.  They flash in sequence to show "I'm Thinking."

And we decided to mess with people.  As the 3 little lights flash across, a small percentage of the time they will randomly flash in other colors.  It has nothing at all to do with what the AI opponent is doing, and is totally random.  But it's just the sort of "tell" that poker players will read significance into.   "Oh, it flashed yellow so it's bluffing."

I wonder what tech support questions we'll get about it :)