Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Web Design...

We did a pretty new and unique web design for FindFiles.com, and then later adapted it to GetRight.com

Borrowing from the Windows' Start button, we put all the navigation into a button that showed series of sub-menus. We think it's great. It works especially well for our FindFiles software download site, since it nicely hides and organizes the dozens of categories. It all boils down to a simple, nice button that says "Find Files".

One of the main comments we got was to be careful doing something new and unique...

I think we were right, and a step ahead of the times. Amazon.com's new web design does exactly the same thing! The main difference is mouse-over vs clicks. I think our onclick is better, it's easy to miss a submenu and have the whole thing disappear on Amazon. But now that Amazon is doing it too--I'd bet you'll start to see this sort of site navigation appearing everywhere!

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