Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SIC 2008

We got back from the Shareware Industry Conference in Boston on Sunday. Another good year. We always come back with either one big idea that pays for the conference, or a bunch of little ones that do the same. This year, it's the bunch of little ones.

We showed off our new secret project to a bunch of people and got some great responses. Good suggestions on pricing, and a lot saying "tell me when it's out so I can buy!" which is always great to hear. (Should be posting soon about just what it is if you weren't there.)

Peter updated the homepage based on things from the critique session, they drew our card out of the hat this year. But overall, they liked our designs and pages. By far the best reviewed site. (Yeah Peter!) They especially the navigation button and buy page layouts.

Speaking of "Buy" pages, we forgot the cards with the coupon on it, so posting it here :) This is a coupon for 50% off GetRight Pro. It expires the end of this month, so if you're interested, do it now.

We have been pretty lucky with the drawings for prizes too, and this year was the best so far. Shawn won an Xbox 360 and Rock Band. Pretty awesome!

Now to just keep going thru the notes we all wrote.

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