Thursday, March 8, 2012

New vs Better Magic

In the past years, Apple introduced a number of things that just blew people away.  The iPod, iPhone, iPad, and to a lesser extent even the MacBook Air.  Things they'd bring out that showed how the future will be.

Now analysts somehow think they must introduce something that groundbreaking every time they have an announcement, and if they don't everything is a disappointment.  For the new iPad simply making it faster, and with a better screen than nearly anything  else on any size device wasn't enough?  (Really: my very big 27" iMac has a screen that has more pixels in width, but still not as many tall.  And that screen is 27" rather than under 10".  And other than that the new iPad will easily beat every other screen I've got.)  All while keeping the battery life and price the same.

Same for the iPhone 4S, making it faster and better in every way (but looking the same) wasn't enough for analysts.

But seems it's more than enough for everybody else, they sold millions of iPhone 4S's.  Judging by how long the pre-orders have gone with delivery on day one, they're got a nice stockpile and are going to sell millions of new iPads in the first days.  This will be an especially easy sale for many people: I think the new iPad will be like the first time you saw a big HDTV--suddenly every other TV you've ever watched paled in comparison.

To compare, when was the last time ANY other company introduced something like those that blew people away and changed everything.  HDTV.  Maybe Microsoft back for Windows95.  Netscape/Mozilla.  The CD player?  I can't even think of very many examples of devices that changed things the way Apple has.  Oh, yeah, the Apple ][ and first Mac as well.

Gotta be rough when some people expect you to produce new magic every time, rather than making your existing tricks much, much better.

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GatorTPK said...

Nice article. I like the "first time seeing an HDTV" analogy. We have seen the iPhone 4/4S screen, and it's 326 dpi display. But seeing 264 dpi on a screen 8 times bigger than the iPhone will really be interesting.

Notice the commercial only showed part of the iPad screen in demonstration? Because that's all a 1080p TV could show! (pixel for pixel)