Monday, June 4, 2012

Retina Macbooks

Should be awesome.

I use it less and less, but I do have a Boot Camp* installed copy of Windows 7.  And that may be awful.

Windows running on one of them would be crazy small--it won't know about the super-small pixels.  I know our Windows programs don't have 64x64 sized icons for toolbars on a retina display** :)  Buttons will be minuscule, text will be unreadable; or you'll have to set to some 1/2 resolution setting so everything will instead be big and blocky.  Either way, Mac OS will look great, and Windows will look like crap.

* It was months ago, but I remember some idiot saying that Apple using some puns was a sign they were going down since Steve Jobs passing.  "Boot Camp" is an excellent example of puns being used in product names under Steve Jobs.

** Most of our Windows program toolbars are 24x24, like everybody else's.  24x24 is exactly the size of one of the tiny icons inside a folder on iOS on an retina screen.

Now the Macbook wouldn't be that high for Dots Per Inch, doing a little math:  look at an iPhone screen, and imagine a toolbar button the size of the red square in the middle of this image.  The icon plus some of the separator space--think you could click that with a mouse?

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