Thursday, October 11, 2012

So Siri...

It's cool that Siri now can be asked about new things.  I'll use Movies, but probably never use Sports.

But it didn't need to be part of an OS update to do that.  It's like if you had to upgrade your browser in order to search for new things on Google.  Siri is all on the server, your phone sends off some compressed voice stuff, and the server figures out what question you asked and sends back the answer (hopefully).

The response could and should have all the formatting things (a little web-page document so all the formatting is done that way seems easy.)

It's good Apple is improving Siri.  But if they keep doing so there's a big set of new improvements each year when the new iOS version comes out--rather than just continually adding new things you can ask about throughout the year--that will be very disappointing and a missed opportunity.

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