Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The difference an Icon makes

We had done the first versions of WORLD 1-1 with a very cartoony icon.

It never really got any traction and never got many downloads.  We wondered about changing the icon to more reflect the 8-bit graphics in the game, and that you're running and jumping.  We submitted an update, the only visible change was to give it the new icon.

Update: A gameplay screenshot to compare...

Before June 28th, it had been free, and getting 1 sale a day (on a good day.)  When it appears in the chart is when the 1.1 update came out and switched to free.  A little bump, but only lasted a day or so. July 25th is when the version with the new icon came out.  A much bigger increase, and it has lasted more than a few days (Update: as of Sept 9, it's still at that higher rate, breaking 2000 on a number of days)--so it's looking good, and has made a huge difference!

Now we have to figure how to get that ~1% conversion rate for upgrading to a higher number.  Even a small bump to the ~2% conversion that Knife Dancing does would be great :)

Now, go get WORLD 1-1 !

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