Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Older Models

Historically, when Apple released a new iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, it has very often kept around last years model at a reduced price.

And most of the time it's one model, with the same or less storage compared to the low end of the "new" model, and $100 cheaper.

Does that mean next week we'll see a 16GB model of the current iPad mini stay on sale...for $229?  Interesting if they do, that's the same price as the low end 16GB iPod touch.  I'd guess they'd either drop the iPod touch price a little to $199, or make that model iPad mini be $249.

They've never increased the price of iPads, but this might be the time to do the Retina mini at $349 and the current non-retina at $249.  Keeps that $100 price separation.

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