Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Gifts for Wifey

My wife has been sick for far too long. (Stage 4 Endometriosis. Very painful, but thankfully surgery next month to fix the problem.)

I got her two presents as she's been spending far too much time stuck in bed.

Nintendo DS. She'll probably never let me play it. She found several good word/crossword games, along with some "hidden object" sorts and she plays it a lot.

And I just got her a Kindle. She reads a ton even when not sick, and after doing a little math, we're better off. She'll reread the earlier books in a series when the next one is out, so doesn't want to ever get rid of books. With the Kindle, we save a few dollars per paperback (and closer to $20 per hardback). Plus saving on shipping or driving to the store, plus bookcases ($100 each just going to Ikea--and running out of space to put them.)

Even decided that we'll save if I get one too...since she's never going to share.

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