Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank You!

To the mystery Apple employee who chose iCatchall Tools as their Staff Favorite.

Thanks to you, iCatchall Tools got to the #1 sales spot in the Business category in iTunes! I like to think we'd have gotten there ourselves eventually...but you saved us a ton of time and advertising. Our slow climbing got a huge boost starting the day the pick showed on the iTunes App Store first page.

And it's dragging iCatchall up as well, not quite the huge 20x sales increase, but still getting close to the top 20 in the Utility category. (And that's a much harder category to reach the top--the top spot there gets close to the top 100 overall...hopefully!!)

And our next app is submitted, I couldn't write a better description of how it came to be than Peter did... Six Days from Idea to App.

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