Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Very fine line in app approvals...

We submitted our new iPhone app, Poker vs Girls and pushed the images a bit too much.

We weren't really sure where the line is drawn, and now have a better idea. People taking off clothes or in their underwear is OK, but pretending to take off that underwear is not OK.

We removed the offending images and resubmitted. Of course when the next iPhone OS is out, with more parental controls, it should be OK to be more explicit, just mark it R rated.

Update 1: And that did the trick! Poker vs Girls is available in the App Store. Now we get to figure where the line is for pictures of dudes--we're equal opportunity and Poker vs Boys is coming next. Is there some crotch-bulge limitation? The wife will enjoy choosing those pictures :)

Update 2: The 5 offending images we weren't able to include...

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Unknown said...

Hey, id like the name of the models in ur iPhone app "Poker VS Girls" thanks..