Saturday, May 1, 2010

#1 iPad free game, chart updates

For April 30, 2010, Heads Up: Hold'em HD was the #1 free iPad game again. Sweet! It's interesting that all the utilities and other free things have pushed us down to the #16 free app this morning. Everybody with a new 3G iPad is getting newspapers (WSJ, NY Times, USA Today, NPR), video (NetFlix, ABC), books (iBooks, Kindle), and other utilities. Only 2 games are in the top 20 free apps right now.

But it's the weekend today, so hopefully everybody will start looking for games too.

The number of downloads yesterday was 8,800; a little (6%) above the day before. Again, a small fraction of the number of downloads needed to reach the #1 iPhone free game. On a day when Knife Dancing got roughly the same number of downloads back in March, it was #119 in the free iPhone game list. (Ranking stats are thanks to our website.)

Even Better: While the downloads were only a few percent higher; the sales of the In-App purchase to upgrade were nearly 50% higher. Whether that's because people have played more and decided they do want more chips and opponents; or because we added a "Why Buy?" button in the top ad area, I don't know. Probably both :)

Our Other iPad Apps: Camera for iPad is floating around toward the bottom of the top 100 paid iPad apps. If you have an iPhone and an iPad--and if you have an iPad you do--go get it to use your iPhone as a wireless camera from the iPad :) It's only in the Business charts, but FTP On The Go PRO had its best day yet as well.

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