Sunday, May 2, 2010

#1/#2 free game; more updates

For May 1, 2010: Heads Up: Hold'em HD stayed the #1 game through most of yesterday, falling to #2 sometime in the afternoon (damn you, Solitaire!! but that does mean that card games are dominating the iPad right now at #1 & #2 free games) #2 game gets us to the #23 spot overall in the Free Apps. Pretty much the opposite of the iPhone where games and not utilities fill nearly all of the top 25 free apps.

More interesting stats. 5,800 downloads, so about a third less then the day before. But sales of the in-app Upgrade were a couple Higher. That's a really good sign that people are keeping the game, and upgrading after playing the free one awhile :)

The iPhone versions of the game have been getting a nice boost too--since the iPad version can play wireless games against the iPhone ones, that makes sense.

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