Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Macbook vs iPhone

Stats are coming in now that reviews for the iPhone 5S are appearing.  I ran the same browser benchmarks on my "Late 2010 Macbook Air".

Sunspider: Macbook=324, iPhone5S=408 (Smaller is better, Macbook wins.)
465 average on my iPhone5S

Octane: Macbook=4514, iPhone5S=5576 (Bigger is better, iPhone wins by a lot.)
5008 average on my iPhone5S, closer but still iPhone win

Kraken: Macbook=5207, iPhone5S=5948 (Smaller is better, Macbook wins.)
6213 average on my iPhone5S

I didn't reboot the iPhone or anything, just started the tests so they may be better if I'd restarted first.

My big 2009 iMac still beats the iPhone, its numbers are better but not twice as good.

All the iPhone numbers are using little cell phone batteries.  Apple in the past has run the iPhone CPU at a slower speed to keep battery life up.  Running the same chip in a Laptop type device, the CPU speed could be higher with a laptop's bigger battery, as well as the CPU cooling that's built into laptops too--fans.  Fans aren't something you'd put in a phone or tablet (oh, unless...).  My Macbook gets pretty warm, and the iMac gets pretty hot on top.

The Retina iPads are already higher resolution than my laptop and desktop, so they've figured out that part too.

If I was Intel or other computer companies, I'd be worried.  Bump up the speed a little, and it could easily get comparable to the current Macbook Airs, and likely with similar or far better battery life.  Intel doesn't make billions by giving its chips away.  I'm sure Apple gets as good a deal as anyone, but making their own chips, they'd not be paying anything more than what it costs them to manufacture--and they're already building these chips by the millions.

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