Monday, September 30, 2013

Screenshots Album

I'm in Seattle, Pete's in London, and Shawn is in Los Angeles.

In the afternoons, Shawn and I are working while Pete is asleep.  I got the idea for Screenshots Album one afternoon...

Screenshots Album was a very quick app to make.  I did a "test" app to see if it was possible and how fast it would be, and that turned into it.  Using stuff from FTP to make the one button much prettier and added better messages at the end with the animated help (using one of the next upcoming apps!)

Shawn and I were tempted to submit so Pete would wake up in the morning not just to a new app idea, but one that was done and submitted!  But he makes the best icons, so we waited so he could see and do up a cool one for it.

A nice video of it in action, finding all 477 screenshots on my iPhone from years of app development and photos following along between phones.

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