Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pawn'd - Icon Evolution

I'm always interested in seeing the steps for how stuff got built...so another for Pawn'd.  (earlier one here)

We bought the cool character set pretty early on, and Pete had done gems too by the time I made a real placeholder icon instead of a white box.

So even the first cut of programmer art turned out pretty good!  I can resize and paste :)

While we did use the queen for a long time, the Pawn fits better with the name of the game, and has the diamond gem shape as his shield which is a nice touch.

Pete did all these pretty quick.  Him in London and Shawn and I in the US means we often wake up with new graphics.

This one is the one we all liked best for the pose and layout.  You can see the character, and the diamond gem is there and obvious it's the shield.
A background rather than black is better too.

Still could be a little better when we put it into the app in the actual icon size.  Things cut off...
And this is it.  Moved over a bit so the sword isn't cut off by the icon's rounded corners.

The background gem texture is moved around so contrasting colors line up so he stands out much better.

I love it!

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