Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iPod Updates

It's from AppleInsider, so taking with a large dose of salt, but that "dedicated new iTunes service" bit  in the article got me wondering.  iPods are well overdue for some updates, and rather than just a bump in GB, maybe finally something bigger.

The Kindle from the beginning had a 3G cell connection (later becoming an option to make cheaper models.)  But it was only used for downloading books.

What if the new nano, and maybe a new iPod touch, includes a similar "free" built-in 3G cell connection, but only for downloading music.  "Get a new song, anywhere."  That seems like a very Apple thing to do.  

Much like the Kindle, there's no choices of carriers, Apple makes a deal with one.  Even at the high rates I'm paying for a connection on my iPad it's not that expensive for them:  2GB for $30, say that's 1000 songs = $0.03 per song.  At the highest available iPad account (10GB for $80) it's even less at $0.016 per song.  I'm sure with some huge deal it would be far less than that, tiny fractions of a cent for the bandwidth per song.

Especially for the nano, it probably wouldn't be upgradeable to do anything else.  Maybe you could upgrade the iPod touch's one to use as a data connection, much like the iPad.  

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