Sunday, July 1, 2012

Surface & Nexus

I wonder about Microsoft's Surface tablet.  

OS:  The tablet OS is Windows 8.  Which means it's tied to the update schedule for Windows…which is very slow compared to iOS and Android.  

Windows Vista was about 7 months old when the first iPhone came out (November 2006 for Windows, June 2007 for iPhone.)  Nearly 3 years after Vista came Windows 7.  It will be over 3 years after Windows 7 before 8 is out.  iOS is up to version 6 in the same timeframe.  Android is up to 4.1 in the same timeframe.  The massive inertia and slow development times of Windows may keep updates from coming fast enough to compete.  Windows 8 might be good when you buy your new Surface tablet, but what if it's years before there's a major update to the software on it?

VENTS:  If the Pro version of the tablet has a specially designed vent system, that means it's generating enough heat to need special venting. That's also an avenue in for dust or water, it may be more susceptible to small splashes or drops than the sealed iPad is.  And who knows how you'd feel that heat as you hold the tablet.

COVER:  The keyboard within the cover does look great.  I hope Apple does their own version of that.   Small touch points to power the keyboard when it's attached, so no separate battery?  I'll buy one.

PCs:  It also makes me wonder about Microsoft making a regular desktop or laptop computer.  I've always used their Natural keyboards and mice, and like them better than anything else.  Plus the XBox and Surface designs show they can make hardware.  

Apple focuses on mainly the mid and high end…and makes a ton of profit off that.  Microsoft could make "signature" high end laptops, probably using a lot of the design stuff they did for the Surface (vents on a laptop make sense!)  

If Microsoft keeps licensing Windows to anyone, and I don't think there would be any legal problems for them to also make their own PCs.  

Yes, Microsoft could piss off all the PC makers out there, but those PC makers have no other real choices.  Linux/Unix? maybe, but hasn't taken off on the desktop even with 20 years of trying.  ChromeOS? just getting in bed with Google.  Android?  same.  WebOS?  killed.  "Windows" is why people buy a PC vs a Mac.  

GOOGLE Q: And the Nexus Q thing that seems just a bad imitation of the AppleTV.  

Except that Google now owns one of the biggest set-top-box manufacturers in Motorola.  Why wouldn't they start to include it in those?  That will get it into more homes than selling this extra little expensive thing.

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