Monday, July 16, 2012

Jobs on iPad 7.85

There are many examples of Steve Jobs adamantly saying one thing, then several months or years later, Apple would do the opposite.  (Like no Video iPods, I haven't gone looking for more, but there's this nice quote that covers them all pretty well.)

The trick is in the past, it was Steve Jobs himself who'd get up on stage and hold up the new device that months or years before he said Apple would never make.  More often than not, they'd figured how to do that thing the right way, and it took time or technology to catch up to what they wanted to build.  Competitors were likely the only ones that ever made a big deal about it when he was alive, because they believed him the first time.

Now, people are using his comments about 7" tablets several years ago to say Apple will never make one.  If he was alive, I bet he'd hold up a nearly 8" tablet and say how great it was...smaller to be even more portable than an iPad, but big enough to be a joy to use.

The current iPad is great for everything for me except reading in bed.  The far lighter Kindle is what I use for that.  But if a new smaller iPad is also much lighter, I may just change my reading habits.

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